Labor Day Pool Fun and 5 Safety Tips

This day is the last vacation or chance to venture out with your family or friends before it starts to get cold and bitter outside. Just the other day I started making plans with my family to carry on one last camping trip before winter hits and it gets too cold to placental kids out and sleep late a tent. It’s exciting planning and anticipating trips like this, getting the whole family together going around the hills and roughing it. There’s nothing quite like being inside the majestic Rockies cooking your food over a fire or a gas grill, fighting turnup flies and mosquitoes, sitting around a fire talking with the friends and family about the good ole days.

There’s a good deal of options for you and Labor Day Sales your family this upcoming legal holiday. Depending on where you live you could go camping, water skiing, wave running, skimboarding, surfing, hiking or even go hit an amusement park.

The most important thing to remember is just going out and enjoying time with your friends and family because they’re most important with this life. When we leave this world they’re going to be the only ones standing there remembering the good times we had, nothing else will be there and that’s a guarantee.

Sometimes rounding up the whole family to head out for the weekend has it’s challenges and stresses but there’s definitely about it that it’s all worth it and something you’ll always remember. Going on trips with my family when I was young are some of the best memories of my life.

Be safe this labor day and have fun!